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Webster's 1913 Dictionary

  1. \Ver"y\, a. [Compar. {Verier}; superl. {Veriest}.] [OE.
    verai, verray, OF. verai, vrai, F. vrai, (assumed) LL.
    veracus, for L. verax true, veracious, fr. verus true; akin
    to OHG. & OS. w[=a]r, G. wahr, D. waar; perhaps originally,
    that is or exists, and akin to E. was. Cf. {Aver}, v. t.,
    {Veracious}, {Verdict}, {Verity}.]
    True; real; actual; veritable.
          Whether thou be my very son Esau or not. --Gen. xxvii.
          He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he
          that repeateth a matter separateth very friends.
                                                   --Prov. xvii.
          The very essence of truth is plainness and brightness.
          I looked on the consideration of public service or
          public ornament to be real and very justice. --Burke.
    Note: Very is sometimes used to make the word with which it
          is connected emphatic, and may then be paraphrased by
          same, self-same, itself, and the like. ``The very hand,
          the very words.'' --Shak. ``The very rats instinctively
          have quit it.'' --Shak. ``Yea, there where very
          desolation dwells.'' --Milton. Very is used
          occasionally in the comparative degree, and more
          frequently in the superlative. ``Was not my lord the
          verier wag of the two?'' --Shak. ``The veriest hermit
          in the nation.'' --Pope. ``He had spoken the very
          truth, and transformed it into the veriest falsehood.''
    {Very Reverend}. See the Note under {Reverend}.
  2. \Ver"y\, adv.
    In a high degree; to no small extent; exceedingly;
    excessively; extremely; as, a very great mountain; a very
    bright sum; a very cold day; the river flows very rapidly; he
    was very much hurt.

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